Marble Care And Maintenance

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The available marble tiles london has to offer are plenty. There are different designs and colors that you can choose from. These marble tiles aren’t for the flooring but they can also be used on counter tops or tables. They are also used in walls to add a design to your kitchen or bathroom. In order to properly care for your marble, here are some do’s and don’ts that you have to follow.


  • Do make sure that you clean any spills that may occur immediately. When you remove it quickly, you would expect that there would be less damage to your marble surfaces.
  • Do protect the marble surface from hot cookware by adding a mat in between the marble and the hot pots. This will minimize the damage due to extreme heat that the marble will get.
  • Do make use of coasters with your drinks. This will help minimize the spills and also the exposure of the marble’s surface with the alcohol or acid in your drink.
  • Do clean your marble surfaces regularly with an approved cleaner or protector.
  • Do protect your marble surface by making use of trays for your toiletries so that you lessen the marble’s exposure to your soaps or the products that you use. The chemicals can cause damage to your marble surface so you should be careful.


  • Don’t wait too long before you clean any mess on your marble’s surface. To help lessen its effect in your marble surface, you have to clean it up as soon as the spill happens.
  • Don’t use acidic cleaners on your marble surfaces. The acidic cleaners that you usually use for your tub or bathroom shouldn’t be used for your marble. You shouldn’t also use other harsh cleaners such as bleach, ammonia or vinegar. Instead, make use of alkaline cleaners that are safe for stone.

Maintenance Of Marble Surfaces

The marble surfaces are porous in nature so they can easily be stained or be affected negatively by acids. It is important to refrain acid exposure to it so that it wouldn’t be discolored. It is also best to make use of a sealer to help seal the pores and prevent the spills from being absorbed.

For marble floors, it is best to dust mop the surfaces with just your regular dust mop. You should make use of any additional chemical cleaners or other abrasive cleaners to remove the dirt on the surface. It is also best to place a mat on your door and instruct people to wipe their feet before they enter your home. This lessens the dirt that can affect your marble floor.

Although we might think that marble is a very hard material, it is still porous so you can expect that it can be damaged because of that property. You have to know how to protect porous materials and make sure that they aren’t exposed to chemicals that can ruin them easily.

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